Oscar Pistorius Denies Making "Sinister" Remark

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Did Oscar Pistorius really make an intimidating remark to one of Reeva Steenkamp's friends?

The defendant in the Steenkamp murder trial has been accused by Kim Myers of making an inappropriate remark as they passed each other while in court on Tuesday.

Myers, who was a potential witness for the prosecution, has been openly critical of Pistorius throughout the trial. She is also convinced of the 27-year-old’s guilt.

Speaking for Steenkamp’s family and friends, Myers told the press, “We trust and hope that justice will prevail.”

She claims that the 27-year-old defendant muttered to her, “How can you sleep at night?”

The question could be construed as a reasonable one if coming from a man who is innocent and feels he has been wrongly maligned. However the time, place, and manner of the question was inappropriate.

In addition, Steenkamp's friend described the tone of the question as “sinister” in nature.

Myers said that she was shocked and found the encounter “extremely disturbing”.

She called her lawyer, Ian Levitt, to report the incident.

Of the alleged remark, Levitt said that it's "important to confirm” the encounter took place, especially since it reportedly occurred in front of witnesses, including journalists.

Despite what Levitt and his client have said, Pistorius has denied through his defense attorney that he said anything to Myers.

Defense attorney Brian Webber told the press, "I've asked the client and he denies that he said it.”

The defense is expected to wrap up its case shortly and a ruling declaring Oscar Pistorius’s guilt or innocence will likely come at the end of May.

The athlete is on trial for the murder of his 29-year-old girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. On February 14th, 2013, Pistorius fatally shot Steenkamp. He claimed that her death was an accident and that he had mistaken her for an intruder.

Meanwhile the prosecution claims that he murdered his girlfriend following a heated argument.

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