Osama Bin Laden's Compound: Video and Pictures From Inside

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Visual details are emerging about the Northern Pakistani compound where Osama Bin Laden was killed. ABC News has just released exclusive video from the kill site. As you might expect, the video is graphic due to the amount of blood present inside the house.

You can go here for a still slideshow from inside the compound.

The Pentagon has also just released photos of the compound and an illustration detailing the general specs.  From it we can see that the walls surrounding the compound range between 10 ft to 18 ft high and a 7 ft high privacy wall surrounds the balcony of the main structure.

This covert operation will only get more interesting as specifics begin to roll out - and it looks like they are doing just that, at quite a clip.  ABC news has just reported that DNA evidence has confirmed the death of Bin Laden with 99.9% accuracy.   The internet has also been busy covering the news with it's own sometimes funny, sometimes silly spin.

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