Oregon, Ohio to Change Its Name Temporarily to Support Ohio State Buckeyes' Bid For National Championship

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Oregon, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo, is changing it's name for a day to support the Ohio State Buckeyes football team in its bid to beat the Oregon Ducks for the college football national championship.

On Jan. 12, the day the Bucks meet the Ducks for the College Football Playoff National Championship Presented by AT&T, the city will temporarily change its name, city administrator Michael Beazley told the Toledo Free Press. It has not been decided yet what the city's temporary name will be, but Beazley said he and the mayor will issue a proclamation on Monday announcing the change.

Matt Squibb and Mark Rabbitt, two residents of the city, organized a change.org petition calling for Oregon to change its name and for Oregon's Clay High School to change its school colors from green and gold -- the same as the Ducks — to Ohio State colors for the day, according to the Free Press.

"I grew up in Oregon, Ohio and love the city, but for the day of the 'Big Game' I am asking the city council to make a proclamation to change the name of the city for one day," reads the petition. "Call it Buckeye Town, Ohio City, Brutusville, whatever, you get the point. Let's not leave anything to chance here! Change the name and support the Buckeyes!"

Ohio State beat Alabama 42-35 on Thursday night to secure it's place at the national championship game against Oregon, after they beat undefeated Florida State 59-20.

Ironically, neither Squibb nor Rabbitt are Ohio State fans but each said it was a unique opportunity to support the university.

"We're just two guys going on a website and sparking something that most people would think is probably a really stupid thing, but to have so many people supporting it and then hopefully rooting for Ohio State to win it all is pretty great," Rabbitt told the Free Press. "The Big Ten has been seen as a conference that can't compete with the SEC or Pac 12. Now Ohio State has beaten the No. 1 team in the SEC and are facing the No. 1 team in the Pac-12, and we have this opportunity for Ohio State to win the national championship. I think it's pretty good to see a community come together and support them."

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