Order the Newly Released 'Pinterest' from 1992

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We have been covering squirrel-monkey's videos for a while now. I guess we just have a taste for nostalgia. Either that or we love to feel really old. Their latest video shows us what Pinterest would have looked like in the 90's. Be thankful for what you have boys and girls.

This one is done in a little different style, featuring a video infomercial from the 90's. The lowered voice and video judder remind us of what a video copy of the infomercial might look like if it had been replayed today after undergoing years of misuse. Like the LinkedIn video, you have to order a CD-Rom copy of Pinterest in order to view it. Certainly makes it difficult to stay current with site that sees thousands of new additions daily.

These videos are getting a lot of suggestions from the comments section of YouTube about what to do next. They have stated that they are going to continue making them, so expect to be maybe see Tumbler, Reddit, or StumbleUpon in the future. They have already gone through all the major social media networks, see them all below.

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