Orbitz Offers Business Express Booking


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If you do a lot of business travel and you're sick of unpredictability and unprofessional service, Orbitz has a solution for you. Orbitz for Business Express specializes in making business travel easy, affordable, and flexible. Best of all they offer 24/7 travel assistance.

Frank Petito, president of Orbitz for Business comments on the new service:

"With the launch of Orbitz for Business Express, we are uniquely equipped to support any size organization,"

"Whether it's a global Fortune 100 firm needing a robust Orbitz for Business solution or a startup that requires a streamlined approach through Orbitz for Business Express, our broad array of managed travel solutions can be tailored to meet every corporate travel need."

Travel is always a hassle, I don't care how much you do. There is always a delay, a mixup, someones running behind schedule, the weather changes, so many things can go wrong. It is nice to have a group like Orbitz keeping you connected and informed during the whole process. Did you know that there are over 30 million business travelers in the US? Almost 70% of them don't utilize any such service for travel accommodations.

Another great feature is access to detailed reports about your travel expenditures and other relevant voyage particulars. This could be a real time saver for those who need to file such reports for company record and reimbursement.

If you do a lot of travel, you should look into Orbitz for Business Express. Travel is hard enough and this new service from Orbitz could make it just a little easier. Take some time and check it out. It might be worth the trouble.