Oracle Drops One Patent Claim In Suit Against Google

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Oracle, perhaps most commonly known for Java, may be slowly giving in to Google over their year and a half long legal fight over the Android operating system.

We reported on the legal fight when it first broke out back in 2010. At that point in time, Oracle was claiming that Google infringed upon their patents with the search engine giant's use of Java in the Android operating system.

PCWorld reported that Google filed a motion to have the judge throw out a specific claim in the patent case. The company claimed that the patent covered “patent-ineligible subject matter.”

Oracle beat them to the punch, however, by filing their intention to no longer pursue the claim in question. Oracle’s attorney Michael Jacobs detailed the reasoning behind them dropping the claim in the filing:

"As part of its continuing effort to streamline the case for trial and make best use of the Court's and parties' resources, Oracle has today by separate letter to Google withdrawn the assertion of Claim 14 of the '476 patent, the only claim that is the subject of Google's précis letter (and the only remaining asserted claim of the '476 patent).”

In December, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected the claim that Oracle has just dropped. It was probably a leading reason in their decision to drop the claim.

One dropped claim, however, doesn’t mean the end for Google’s and Oracle’s fight over the rest of the patents in question. Oracle said they dropped the claim to speed things up, but it remains to be seen if the lawsuit will actually get anywhere this year.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments.

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