Oracle And Google To Have Their Day In Court On April 16th

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Oracle is finally going to get the chance to prove claims that Google infringed their patents. The two companies will be getting their day in court on April 16 in federal court in San Francisco. The trial is expected to last about eight weeks.

Oracle first filed suit against Google in 2010, alleging that the Android operating system violated several patents related to Java. The patents were obtained by Oracle in its acquisition of Sun Microsystems earlier in 2010. Though, as Reuters is reporting, at present only two patent claims remain in the complaint, Oracle still stands to receive damages in the millions of dollars if the trial goes their way.

Late last month Oracle streamlined its case by eliminating one of its patent claims from the complaint. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office had rejected Oracle's claim concerning the patent.

Oracle has not yet responded to a request for comment, but a Google spokesperson had the following to say:

This was Oracle's third failed attempt to come up with realistic damages. These patent and copyright claims are without merit, and we look forward to defending against them at trial.