Opera Confirms Mobile Web Use Soaring

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Mobile Web use is soaring on a global basis, at least if the newest data from Opera holds with respect to other browsers.  Opera reported today that page views and data consumption - along with sheer user numbers - are all increasing at a rapid pace.

Let's waste no time getting into the stats.  Opera said in a statement, "In October 2010, Opera Mini had over 76.3 million users, a 7.1% increase from September 2010 and more than 92% compared to October 2009."  Also, "Since September, page views have gone up 12.6%.  Since October 2009, page views have increased 142%."

Then here's one more important cluster of data points: Opera said, "In October 2010, Opera Mini users generated over 616 million MB of data for operators worldwide.  Since September, the data consumed went up by 15.1%.  Data in Opera Mini is compressed up to 90%.  If this data were uncompressed, Opera Mini users would have viewed over 5.7 petabytes of data in October.  Since October 2009, data traffic is up 134%."

So it looks like quite a rush is underway, with young people leading the charge.  (Opera found most 18-to-27-year-old Opera Mini users use their mobile phones to access the Web more often than a desktop or laptop PC.)

That info should be of use to content creators and advertisers, not to mention companies like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.  Of course, as mentioned before, Opera Mini users may not fit into the middle of any bell curve, but perhaps they'll function as early adopters who forecast trends.

Opera's more personal conclusions stems from a 300,000-individual survey, by the way, not any sort of user-monitoring program.

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