Open World Zombie Game Hits Kickstarter Goal

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Kickstarter has become a way for up and coming game developers to reach their penultimate goal of publishing a full fledged game. It can also help established developers make their dream projects they would have otherwise never been able to make.


Sandswept Studios from Park City, Utah is the former. They are a new studio that has a dream of making an open world zombie survival game. The games name is "The Dead Linger" and it features a massive open world. Like 25,000 square kilometers massive, that feature randomly generated towns, and according to them every new world created will be different, and you can explore every inch of it, indoors and outdoors, every window, every door.

TDL Faces

They want to give the players an opportunity to do what they please. If you want to explore and loot, you can. If you want to find a bunker barricade in, fortify , and defend it? You can do that too! From what Sandswept is telling us, the only limit in this game is what you make of it.

TDL Weapon

The game will support at least 16 players in a single world, The Dead Linger can be played solo or with a group of friends watching your back. They are also bringing PvP to the zombie apocalypse! They claim they will have TDM type matches with zombies thrown in to muddle things up. The Dead Linger will feature solo, cooperative, and PvP game modes for whatever flavor you prefer.

TDL Screenshots

The game launched on Kickstarter with a very modest goal of $60,000 to reach the goal of allowing a few key employees to work on the game full time. As of press time, they have been pledged $72,214 and still have 18 days left! When they reached their initial goal, they released this thank you video:

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