Open Positions At Google Top 2,000 In Number

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As of September 30th, Google had 23,331 full-time employees, and that's an impressive number, considering the company had just 21,805 full-time workers three months earlier.  But now the number's set to jump again, as Google is looking to hire an additional 2,000 or so new employees.

Reuters thought to tally the number of positions listed on the search giant's jobs site yesterday, and Alexei Oreskovic reported afterward, "The world's largest Internet search engine, whose finance chief told investors in September that the Internet industry was waging a 'war for talent,' has job openings listed for 2,076 positions . . ."

Oreskovic then noted, "The number of job openings is up nearly six-fold from a similar tally of job listings page conducted in March 2009."

This is sure to create a stir in the tech community.  It's hard to imagine how many individuals, whether they're unemployed or just interested in greener pastures, are already ordering muffin baskets to be sent to Google's HR managers.  Googlers will probably be neck-deep in them before long.

As for how Google's competitors may respond, it seems some loyalty-enhancing efforts are likely.  Think bonuses, raises, and/or Google-y perks like free food and 20 percent time for the sake of not seeing their best employees leave.

Anyway, good luck if you decide to toss your hat in the figurative ring.

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