Open Graph Is Still Being Awesome For Apps

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Open Graph is arguably Facebook's most important asset. The social network points to data that shows apps using Open Graph see a huge increase in monthly active users and referrals. In its latest data breakdown, Facebook shows that music on Facebook is growing exponentially thanks to Open Graph.

On the developer blog, Facebook said that 62.6 million songs have been played 22 billion times since the launch of Open Graph. To put it into perspective, Facebook says that users have listened to almost 210,000 years of music so far.

The key to all of this success lies in Open Graph, among other specific sharing types for music. Facebook details some music apps that have found success thanks to Open Graph integration. For instance, 8tracks, a social Internet radio service, generates four million Open Graph shares every week, which it turn generates 65 million story impressions.

It's important to note that all the services that Facebook points to are none of the big name Internet streaming or radio services. These are all less-known apps that are making a splash in the music streaming industry thanks to Open Graph.

That's not to say that the big guys aren't using it to their advantage either. Facebook notes that Deezer, a French music streaming site, has seen its user base triple since the beginning of the year. In hard numbers, that's 50,000 new users being added per day.

So what can a new app do to get these kind of numbers? Facebook says that deep integration with Open Graph and its numerous services are key. For starters, the music app should present a Facebook login button front and center. Beyond that, highlight friend activity so that users will be inclined to stay and share their taste in music.

Finally, all music apps should enable explicit sharing. This allows users to share every facet of your app with the world. Some apps may just share what songs a user is currently listening to. The truly successful apps will let users share playlists, wish lists and other information from the app for their friends to engage.

Music has obviously benefitted from integrating with Open Graph, but just about any app will see some increase in usage thanks to Facebook's sharing APIs. For more information on how to implement it, check out Facebook's excellent guidelines and tutorial.