Open Graph Gets Mobile Insights From Facebook

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Open Graph is the best possible way for publishers and brands to reach an audience on Facebook. The only problem is that Insights for Open Graph are only available for desktop apps. There hasn't been a dedicated mobile solution until now.

Facebook announced today as part of its weekly Operation Developer Love that insights for Open Graph "publishes, impressions and referral clicks on mobile devices" were now available. Developers will be happy to know that the new mobile Insights can be viewed by platform so they can see if their iOS or Android app is getting more impressions.

Open Graph Gets Mobile Insights From Facebook

Speaking of Android, the social network just released an update to its SDK 3.0 Beta for Android. The update includes a number of API changes. You can view the change log here, and download it from GitHub here.

Back in August, Facebook launched a new Payments Reporting API that would see the old email reporting system required. That is still the case, but Facebook has provided a new tool to download payment reports without having to call the API. Just head over to the Company tab in the Settings section of the developer site to download the reports.

On a final note, 250 bugs were reported to Facebook over the last week. Forty bugs were fixed, and 33 were accepted for further review. You can see the full bug fix list at the blog post.

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