Online TV Guide Turns Heads At Google I/O

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Finding online videos using the traditional couch-and-TV setup can be an awkward experience; all sorts of menus and interfaces just aren't meant to be seen and used from ten feet away.  Clicker has introduced a very sleek solution, however, in the form of, which was unveiled at Google I/O.

As you can see for yourself below, doesn't squeeze too much information onto the screen.  Instead, it lets users scroll rather quickly through options using a remote control or the arrow keys on a keyboard.  Or, since Clicker has something like 650,000 episodes indexed, it's also possible to just type a show's name (without first bothering to navigate to any search field).

Then here's another key point: as explained on the official Clicker Blog, "The coolest part of is the fact that it's 'just' a website and it works in any browser. . . .  That last part is why the Google Chrome team asked us to debut the product at the I/O conference today.  It was built largely through the use of HTML5, and is an example of the cool new 'apps' that can be built native to the browser, without downloads or plugins."

Finally, two more important facts: is free to use and should be available to everyone in the U.S., as well.

This product is definitely worth trying out if your television is linked to your computer or directly connected to the Internet.  Just remember that only acts to index programs that are available elsewhere, so the quality of your viewing experience(s) may vary once you leave the site.

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