Olympic Torches on eBay

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Apparently the Olympics are more than just a time to show pride in one's country. British Olympic torchbearers are selling the torches for a profit of up to $237,000 on eBay. 8,000 people were chosen to be torchbearers because of contributions to their communities, according to the AFP.

The Olympic torch is a symbol of purity and is being turned into a quick buck. Actually a quick euro. Even though the example below only has one bid. The rational explanation is some people just don't need a trophy to display the part they played in the Olympic games. They are selling it to someone that will appreciate the torch. But not all people are using the money for personal profit. One torchbearer is taking her profits and making a donation to a charity and a hospital who treated her son for cerebral palsy.


The relay started Saturday and will make it's way around England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It runs through the start of the London Olympics on July 27.

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