Olsen Twins Appear In Rare Interview On Ellen

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The Olsen twins made their way to fame playing Michelle Tanner on Full House back in the 80s. After that, they became the idols of millions of young girls around the world with the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen films.

While they became a very recognizable duo, since their early teenage years, Mary-Kate and Ashley have steered away from acting and have moved on to the fashion world.

It is very rare that they do television appearances, but they did decide to visit Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Ellen to talk about their new fragrances from their Elizabeth and James collection, currently available at Sephora.

"Our brand is about duality and we wanted to be able to offer options,” Mary-Kate explained about the reason they decided to put out two fragrances at once.

While there, Ellen took the opportunity to play a simple questions and answers game with the girls. She handed them both paddles and asked them a series of questions such as, who is the funniest, and who is the best singer. The girls then would flip the paddle to the name that fit the question best.

They agreed that Mary-Kate is the better dancer, but revealed that neither of them could sing. "I don't think we're very good," Ashley said. "This one it's both bad," Mary-Kate added.

The girls also revealed that they still get mixed up, and people have a hard time telling them apart. "'Are you Mary or Kate?' or 'Are you Mary-Kate and Ashley?" Ashley said of some of the questions she has been asked. "I'm one of 'em!"

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