Olivia Wilde: Very Pregnant Yet Very Stylish


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Many women struggle with feeling pretty or sexy while being pregnant. Although some people swear that a woman is the most beautiful when she is expecting, the weight gain, swollen ankles and general aches and pains associated with pregnancy leave most women more worried about how much rest they are going to get instead of how they look.

Olivia Wilde manages to pull off the pregnancy look pretty well and although she was very pregnant at the Oscars on Sunday, she also managed to look amazing and stylish as always.

Olivia wore a solid black maternity dress that hugged her round but adorable figure. She wore her hair up and accessorized with large rings, bracelets, earrings, and a small clutch. Olivia had previously joked about her figure and Oscar dress on Twitter, comparing herself to a bloated Homer Simpson.

Olivia wasn't the only pregnant star on the red carpet Sunday, Kerry Washington and Elsa Pataky also showed up looking fabulous and with buns in the oven.

Kerry wore a pastel purple dress and was even brave enough to show a little leg with a front slit. She wore matching shoes, bracelets on both wrists and sparkly earrings. Attending the Oscars can make a pregnant girl hungry and when Ellen DeGeneres offered to share her delivered pizza with the crowd, Kerry volunteered to take the first piece. She later joked about it on her Twitter page.

Elsa Pataky may not have been bold enough to eat pizza at the Oscars, but she was bold enough to wear a bright turquoise, fitted dress that was accented with sequins and beads. Elsa didn't offer up any details on her meal following the Oscars on Sunday, but since she is expecting twins and eating for three instead of two, its likely she enjoyed a good meal before calling it a night.

What did you think of the dresses these three pregnant ladies wore to the Oscars?

Image via YouTube