Olivia Wilde Responds To Mean Tweets From Trump Supporters After Criticizing The GOP Candidate

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Olivia Wilde has always been outspoken about her political views. Because of this, the 31-year-old actress got involved in a Twitter war with Donald Trump supporters.

The House actress attended a special screening of Robert de Niro’s Ellis, a short film that depicts the hardships immigrants are facing.

Wilde found the film timely and relevant since immigration is one of the hottest issues today. “It made me think of the current refugee crisis,” Wilde said of Ellis to Page Six. She added, “(America) was a beacon of hope for so many… yet some in this country have developed this xenophobia that totally conflicts with what we’re based on.” In her recent interview with Page Six, Wilde pointed out a presidential candidate who promotes xenophobia is “really sickening.”

Although the actress did not mention The Donald in her interview, followers of the GOP candidate knew it was Trump she was referring to.

Trump supporters took to Twitter to criticize Wilde for her views. One supporter tweeted she should go back to where she came from to which Wilde, who has a dual citizenship with Ireland responded: “I will do as you suggest and go back to where I came from... which happens to be NYC so I'm just gonna chill.”

Wilde is vocal when it comes to supporting the Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton. She uses social media as her platform for voicing out her political views.  She posted an Instagram photo of herself with Clinton after a campaign in June, and shared her opinion on the email scandal involving Clinton and called it “as scandalous as my grandmother's recipe for tater-tots”.

Wilde also rebuked critics for the sexist comments being thrown at Clinton. She told Daily Beast that the comment about the presidential candidate not seeming warm enough is “pure misogyny.”

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