Olivia Wilde Gets Frustrated And Destroys A Watermelon On 'The Tonight Show'

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Olivia Wilde teamed up with Jimmy Fallon in trying to blow up a watermelon using rubber bands.

Watermelon Time Bomb is a new game on The Tonight Show, which aims to stack as many rubber bands as possible onto a watermelon until it bursts.

The game is a lot like the Pumpkin Time Bomb challenge with Shailene Woodley, but with watermelon instead and, of course, without Shailene Woodley.

Wilde and Fallon were all geared up before the game, even wearing goggles for protection.

“It’s going to hurt so bad,” Wilde said. Though Fallon assured Wilde it won’t hurt, the actress was still nervous.

Wilde might have had good reason to be nervous. The actress wore an intricately patterned retro-style jumpsuit that consisted of a bright orange top and flared navy trousers featuring plenty of multi-colored circles and wavy lines.

Wilde seemed to be terrified that the juice from the watermelon would ruin her gorgeous ensemble. She fidgeted and backed way several times while putting the rubber bands around the watermelon.

Fallon and Wilde failed on the first three minutes using single rubber bands, so they took it up a notch and went for double bands instead.

Wilde’s candid reactions coupled with Fallon’s giddy screams added hilarity to the bit.

At one point, Wilde commented that the fruit was “sweating” as it tried to contain the slew of rubber bands they had already put around it.

Wilde eventually grew tired of the watermelon, which she threw on the ground, causing the juice to splatter on to some audience members.

In the meantime, Fallon suggests more tweaking of the game by his research and development team before he puts it back on the show.

They gave away free watermelon debris to the audience, which some ate anyway.

During the interview, Wilde shared a video clip of her son, Otis playing the drums and talked about her upcoming movie, Meadowland.

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