Olivia Wilde Down On All Fours [Pic]

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Olivia Wilde is proud to be a mommy. In a recent Facebook post, she displayed a photo of her with her son Otis in what appears to be the family home with the family pet. Otis was standing, holding on to a dining chair for support, while mommy Olivia Wilde was down on all fours playing with him.

Olivia Wilde captioned the picture: My kind of party.

In an upcoming piece for Shape Magazine, Olivia Wilde talked about what having a baby did to her body, and how she is not ashamed.

"The truth is, I'm a mother, and I look like one," she said proudly

"The photos of me in this magazine have been generously constructed to show my best angles and I assure you, good lighting has been warmly embraced."

She compared her post-pregnancy shape to her doughier days in school.

"I'm softer than I've ever been, including that unfortunate semester in high school when I simultaneously discovered Krispy Kreme and pot. After giving birth, I joined the ranks of millions of new mothers when I moaned, ‘Why do I still look pregnant? Is there another one stuck in there?"

"First of all, you haven't seen your vagina in months, even though it's all her fault you're in this situation. Now that you can finally confirm that she is, in fact, still there, she isn't the gal you remember, and would rather you back off and give her some space (and an ice diaper) for the time being."

While free to joke about her post-delivery shape, she also stands up for a mother's right to feel great while still taking care of herself

"I loved being pregnant. I felt unapologetically curvy, sexy, and intensely feminine. My experience was great, largely because I stayed very strong throughout. Pilates became a healthy habit, which helped me avoid common pregnancy woes like sciatica."

My kind of party.

Posted by Olivia Wilde on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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