Olivia Munn Is Dating Aaron Rodgers


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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, 30, tries to keep his personal life as private as possible. However, when he started dating The Newsroom's Olivia Munn, 33, it got harder to keep his relationships a secret.

The tabloids got wind of Rodgers and Munn's relationship after US Weekly posted a photo of them kissing that has since made its rounds across the Internet.

Despite his relationship being aired for the public, Rodgers says that he is okay with that and is very happy in his relationship with Munn.

"For one, I’m real happy in my relationship," Rodgers told Jason Wilde of ESPN Milwaukee. "And I understand what comes with it. And two, the last couple years I’ve learned a lot about perspective and what’s important. And, that you cannot, when you’ve had success individually and collectively as a team and you are highlighted for the things you’ve done on the field and off the field, you cannot hide from the spotlight. You have to learn to embrace it."

"I think it’s a process for me. I think it really took a while for me – and you still work through it – to get to a comfort level with that. But finally, you say, ‘You know what? It comes with the territory.’ It’s not what I signed up for. I signed up to play football, because I love it, and have as long as I can remember – watching the Niners on TV as a kid with my family to watching my favorite players and following them in high school and college and becoming a professional," Rodgers added.

"This is what I always wanted to do. You don’t realize what all comes with it at times, but I think on some level, you have to embrace that. And the older you get, you focus on the things that are most important, and you learn to deal with or embrace the things that are more difficult."

Rodgers explained that the publicity comes with the territory, and rather than run from it he has decided to embrace it. He says there are some things you simply can't control and it is better to enjoy his life and his relationships rather than worrying about what the tabloids have to say.

Image via Wikimedia Commons