Old Spice 'Mom Song' - Creepy Or Funny?

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Old Spice released a hilarious new commercial on Sunday during the AFC Wild Card Game and it has immediately gone viral, hitting a million views on YouTube barely a day into its release. The ad, called “Mom Song”, features moms creepily appearing on their son’s dates while singing a sad song. Old Spice sprayed their sons into men.

Within the last few years, Old Spice has become known for its many ridiculously funny and hugely successful commercials. This one is just as funny as the rest, and maybe a bit creepy too. It features a mom desperately hanging on to the bumper of her son’s car with her knees sliding along in a laundry basket.  The creepiness continues with a mom popping up on her son eating lunch in a restaurant with his date disguised as a creepy-looking custodian.  As if that wasn't enough, one mom smashes a chocolate covered cake with her fist and another free falls from the sky while playing a violin.

The 60-second spot ad has been described as original, funny and slightly creepy. Old spice managing director John Sebastian said that the ad targets young men as well as mothers who might purchase the spray for their sons.

Old Spice is known for its award winning commercials such as “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” which features actor Isaiah Mustafa - the debonair shirtless black guy on a white horse. More recently, the commercials feature Terry Crews doing all manner of craziness including playing musical instruments with his pectorals. Although “Mom Song” lacks Mustafa and Crews, it demands attention nonetheless.

Watch Old Spice Classic Commercials. RIDICULOUS!

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