Old Spice Mano a Mano Fight Is Over: Fabio Has Been Defeated

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Isaiah Mustafa and Fabio must both be exhausted, as their marathon battle for advertising supremacy has finally come to and end.

Ever since the epic battle Mano a Mano in El Bano began at noon on Tuesday, videos featuring the sparring spokesmen have been posted to YouTube at a furious pace.

All in all, over 140 separate videos have been uploaded to the Old Spice YouTube channel. Those videos included responses to specific tweets, a Pong match, and even a staring contest. If you want to occupy about half your day, all of those uploads are available here.

Fabio tried everything to unseat the Old Spice Guy as the epitome of manly freshness - dropping giant dinosaur bones on him, firing torpedoes and shooting him with elephant tranquilizer darts. He also tried to replace him with a lookalike, thinking that we wouldn't notice. Mustafa's "triumphant return" is one of the best videos from the lot -

Internet users everywhere were asked to cast their vote by "liking, sharing, commenting, tweeting, posting, or all other things smart internet people do." Within many of the YouTube videos posted in the last couple of days, viewers were also able to vote by clicking a in-video link for either the Old Spice Guy or Fabio. That combination of social media activity has been tallied to determine the winner, the original Old Spice Guy.

Yes, Fabio has been defeated. And it was because the internet community enthusiastically disapproved of him. For example, every video starring Fabio had more dislikes than likes on YouTube. Every video starring Mustafa barely had any dislikes. The comments were overwhelming in favor of Mustafa as well. His badassery has catapulted him to new heights, beyond anything Chuck Norris could have ever dreamed of.

Here is the last video posted, entitled "This Must End." In it, Mustafa is officially declared the winner -

After earning his victory, Old Spice guy can now take a much-needed vacation -

It appears that Old Spice has done a great job in reviving an ad campaign that has been around for a long time. Would you prefer that Old Spice continues with the Old Spice Guy ads? Or do you think they should try something else?

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