Old Navy T-Shirt Mistake: Where's Quality Control?

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We all make mistakes, and sometimes they're major blunders. But most of us don't have those mistakes plastered across the front of a t-shirt and sold in a large retail chain to rabid sports fans.

Old Navy, for the second time in a year, has a major gaffe on their hands when it comes to their line of sports-inspired tees: a graphic which declares the Houstan Texans the "1961 AFC Champions". The problem is that the Houston Oilers won that title, as well as the year before.

As hard as it is for some hardcore sports fans to accept, perhaps one blunder could be overlooked with grace. However, the company didn't just make one mistake. Shirts for the Cleveland Browns, the New York Jets, and the Kansas City Chiefs are all wrong, proclaimed as winners of the incorrect divisions.

The company has apologized for the errors and have taken all the offending shirts off the shelves; unfortunately, they couldn't pull them all before some customers noted the mistakes and purchased several, meaning there will more than likely be some popping up on auction sites. And while many are wondering why quality control fell asleep on the job, the company has shifted the blame to someone else.

“The NFL clothing sold in our Old Navy stores is created by a third party sports licensing company,” said Edie Kissko, a spokesperson for Gap Inc. “It is our intention to always provide the best merchandise to our customers and NFL fans. We apologize for this error and are removing the T-shirts.”

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