Olathe, Kansas Is The Next City To Get Google Fiber

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Earlier this year, Google CEO Larry Page hinted that Google Fiber would be coming to more cities in the future. The hint renewed cities' efforts to attract Google Fiber to their communities, but only one city has emerged victorious in its attempt to lure Google to their community.

Google announced today that Olathe, Kansas is to be the next recipient of Google Fiber. The company says that the Olathe City Council approved Google Fiber this week, and that Google will now work on bringing the gigabit Internet service to their community.

So why did Olathe get Google Fiber? A major reason seems to be its ability to attract new businesses.

Olathe has become one of the fastest-growing cities in Kansas and has attracted an influx of new businesses and residents. They’ve all noticed what a great community Olathe is, and so have we. We think that Fiber and widespread Internet access will help to create jobs, grow local businesses, and make Olathe even stronger as it grows.

A more obvious reason is that Olathe is in the Kanas City metro area. In other words, it wouldn't take much effort on the part of Google to expand Fiber to these areas. In fact, the announcement says that Google is hoping to bring Fiber to more cities around Kansas City.

Olathe, Kansas Is The Next City To Get Google Fiber

Those who are still waiting for Google Fiber in the Kansas Cities won't have to worry about this announcement changing anything. Google says that construction and installation is still on schedule. As for Olathe, Google says that it will announce more details regarding pre-registration and construction timing when it's done with the preliminary "planning and engineering work."

As for everybody else, you'll just have to keep praying to the Internet gods for Google Fiber to deliver you from the oppressive ISPs in your community.

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