OJ Simpson: DNA Test Results For Knife Found On His Estate Still Pending

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A spokesman from the Los Angeles Police Department has quashed claims that a knife found buried on the estate of OJ Simpson does not contain the fallen athlete’s DNA, key evidence that would prove his guilt in the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.

The controversial case – which ended in an acquittal in 1995 – hit headlines again a couple of weeks ago when a small folding knife was unearthed from OJ’s former LA estate 2001. The construction worker who discovered the knife turned it over to a police officer, who kept the item with him until January when he finally turned it over to the LAPD’s Robbery and Homicide Division.

No statement has been released regarding the results of the DNA test, but gossip site TMZ published a report on Tuesday claiming that a reliable police source confirmed the absence of OJ’s DNA from the knife.

According to the report, forensic experts were unable to recover any DNA from the knife because “microbes in the soil degraded any DNA to the point it was impossible to get a meaningful result.”

LAPD officer Jane Kim spoke with USA TODAY to refute TMZ’s report, saying that the knife’s lab tests are still underway and that the results could take a week or more to be released.

Another entertainment website called The Wrap also reported that the case’s lead investigator has yet to receive official information from the crime lab. Meanwhile, LAPD officer Ricardo Hernandez has stated that their department cannot provide specific details about the issue at the moment.

Despite the LAPD’s disclaimer, TMZ seems adamant that their source provided them accurate information regarding this latest development in the OJ Simpson case, and that the testing process for the knife has been over for some time.

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