Ohio State Marching Band: You Have To See This (Video)

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The Ohio State marching band has obviously been very busy in recent weeks, honing their skills on the field to create some jaw-dropping images for a recent halftime show.

If you've ever seen a coordinated effort by a marching band, you've probably seen them do the team logo, or something that makes the crowd go "Ooooh" for a minute before all thoughts return to the game at hand. But this? This will be remembered by everyone who attended the game, and probably a few people who just saw it later on YouTube and claimed they were there.

The band did images from movies while playing the popular theme songs we all know: "Jurassic Park", "Superman", and, much to the delight of my squee button, "Harry Potter". Take a look at the amazing show below, and if you think it looks easy, remember that these guys are playing instruments while doing these formations. Some people can't even walk and chew gum at the same time.

Image: YouTube

Amanda Crum
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