Offbeatr Looks to Kickstart Adult Projects

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You can say that this one was born out of a sort of Rule 34-esque necessity. If it exists online, someone has taken it and turned it into porn. Or, you could say that it simply filled a niche that wasn't available since most related sites ban pornographic content. Whatever the reason, Offbeatr is here and it's the Kickstarter for porn.

It's only been live for a couple of weeks, but Offbeatr is beginning to pick up steam.

It works in a manner similar to Kickstarter - person starts a project, people fund it (or they don't), and they have a certain amount of time to reach certain goals. Plus, Offbeatr also allows project leaders to offer rewards.

The difference is that Offbeatr has a selection process. Once a person becomes a verified project creator, they are allowed to create a project idea. That idea must then be approved, and after that a voting process begins. Before they can start collecting money for their project, creators have to hit a certain vote goal.

Of course, Offbeatr would be a prime target for illegal and otherwise questionable project ideas. That's part of the reason why they have an approval process. They do forbid certain projects as well, for instance ones containing elements of rape or violence, bestiality, incest, minor involvement, etc.

As of right now, some of the featured project include a furry adult comic book called "Inside the Candy Box," a video series called "Super F*ck Friends," a website to find your "Sex twin," an e-book that explores sexuality and Asperger's syndrome, and a "Japanese Porn Cultural Exchange.

So, as you can see, the ideas are pretty diverse.

As of now, Offbeatr is only accepting project creators from the U.S., the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. When asked why Offbeatr charges a little more than other crowdsourced project sites, they cite their all-or-nothing funding model and the fact that adult websites have a harder time getting their payments processed or have to pay more to do so.

Offbeatr caps its goal amount at $30,000. The lowest project you can submit is one with a $300 goal. Project creators are only allowed to run one project at a time.

Offbeatr offers a SFW versions of the site and NSFW version of the site. Browsers are taken to the SFW version by default.

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