Octomom Pleads Not Guilty To Welfare Fraud


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Octomom, you either love her, hate her or love to hate her. Nadya Suleman earned her nickname after giving birth to eight babies in 2009. Suleman became the focus of negative publicity when it was found that she already had 6 children and was on public assistance. Suleman conceived both the octuplets and her six older children via in vitro fertilization.

After giving birth to her octuplets, Suleman became a public figure and began making appearances that she was paid for. Suleman failed to report the money she gained from these appearances and numerous other gigs to the government and was continuing to receive assistance, including welfare while making money.

Suleman has been charged with 4 counts of welfare fraud but recently pleaded not guilty to the charges in a California court on Tuesday. She will appear in court again on April 16 for another hearing. Authorities claim that she owes the state of California at least $26,000 in restitution.

"We're doing discovery, we're investigating the case and then we'll be back to talk to the district attorney to see if this can be resolved," Suleman's attorney, Arthur J. LaCilento, said.


Suleman will not be jailed while she waits for her hearing, but could be sentenced to as much as six years and four months in jail if found guilty of the 4 counts of fraud. If she agrees to pay back the money, she may not have to serve that much time.

If she is required to serve jail time, Suleman will have to find someone to care her children while she is incarcerated. Suleman hasn't always been the best mother and has been criticized for her lack of parenting and questionable parenting methods since her babies were born. She has struggled to support all of her children since their birth and has made porn, posed nude and even taken a job as a stripper to make ends meet.

Many people wonder why she would want so many children or why she chose in vitro fertilization.

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