Octomom Nadya Suleman Enters 'Not Guilty' Plea

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Octomom Nadya Suleman says she's not guilty of the welfare fraud she's been charged with, and she pleaded as such in a California court room on Tuesday. The mother of 14 children is charged with failing to reveal her earnings--some of which came from starring in a pornographic film during which she masturbated--while continuing to accept and cash welfare checks. Authorities say she owes the state of California around $26,000.

Suleman agreed to waive her right to a trial. She will return to court again on April 16th for yet another hearing.

"We're doing discovery, we're investigating the case and then we'll be back to talk to the district attorney to see if this can be resolved," Suleman's attorney, Arthur J. LaCilento, said outside of the court room.

Octomom is dubbed as such because she gave birth to octuplets she conceived after having fertility treatments when she already had six children at home. She was barely able to support the kids she had, but believed she'd be on cashing in once the babies were born. She expected to land a book or movie deal the way Jon and Kate Gosselin did. Their hit show Jon and Kate Plus 8 kept them in diapers and food for their eight children for several years.

Stardom didn't pan out for Suleman, however, so she took to making porn films and recently even danced on a stripper's pole at a bar in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida region in order to earn some income. This is likely also part of the income she failed to tell the state of Calfornia that she earned.

Many people have questioned of late what kind of job the Octomom is doing in raising those 14 children. It certainly doesn't sound like she's setting a very good example for them by working in the porn industry or defrauding state government.

If convicted she could spend over six years in a state prison. Who will care for those 14 children if that happens?

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