Objet 3D Printers Create A Functioning Keyboard In One Print Job

IT Management

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We've already seen what Objet's multi-material 3D printers can do, but it's always nice to see Objet pushing the boundaries of what its Connex printers can accomplish.

In today's demonstration, the Objet Connex 3D printer has created a keyboard replica. The amazing part about this particular print job is that the keys didn't have to be printed separately and inserted into the keyboard. Everything was created in a single print, further demonstrating the power of Objet's Connex line of 3D printers.

Of course, these keyboards can't actually connect to a PC as they are only plastic prototypes. Real keyboards will have to be produced via traditional means until 3D printers can start creating circuitry. Until then, we're left with a promising, but currently useless, tech demo of what's to come in the world of 3D printing.