Obama Wants To Host ESPN’s “SportsCenter”


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Perhaps you want to get the latest coverage on your favorite sports team; you flip the channel over to ESPN, and bam! There he is, your former president. Because in the future, it’s very possible that Americans may get another four, five, even six or more years with Barack Obama. That’s because he wants to be the host for ESPN’s SportsCenter. Can you imagine that?

On November 26th at Jeffrey Katzenberg’s DreamWorks Animation campus in Glendale, Barack Obama met with various entertainment moguls including Disney's Alan Horn, Fox's Jim Gianopulos, Sony's Amy Pascal, and CBS' Leslie Moonves. Before the president delivered his speech, he put in his request to Disney CEO Bob Iger about potentially hosting ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Iger didn’t respond, he just giggled.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

“At the end of the conversation -- which touched on a myriad of topics, from piracy to Iran -- Obama revealed what's at the top of his bucket list post-White House: "At least I know what I want to do when I retire … host ESPN SportsCenter's Top 10 list," Obama quipped as he turned to Disney's Robert Iger, whose empire includes ESPN.

The highlights countdown can feature everything from major sports to bull fighting to high school basketball. Other than having a good laugh, Iger apparently didn't respond.

"Everyone had a good giggle," says one person who attended”

In his speech to the entire DreamWorks Animation Staff and others in attendance, Obama held high regards to the entertainment industry, stating that it was an “engine” for America’s economy and “diplomacy.”

Obama also said that DreamWorks Animation got their inspiration for Shrek due to the president’s ears.

SportsCenter is a daily sports news television channel that first broadcasted on September 7, 1979. The show has more than 50,000 episodes and includes highlights featuring everything from major sports like the NFL, NBA, or MLB, to college football, to international football, to high school basketball, etc.

Obama wrapped up his two-day trip in Southern California at DreamWorks Animation with two fundraising events, one which was held at the home of Magic Johnson and his wife Cookie.

Would the president’s appearance as host on the ESPN’s SportCenter provide a niche to where more viewers would watch, or would the program decline in ratings?

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