Obama Threat Results in Arrest of Washington Man

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A man in Washington state was arrested yesterday after making an making a threat against President Barack Obama in an email. According to an Associated Press (AP) report, the Secret Service spokesperson stated that the man was holding a shotgun when he answered a knock on his door from officers.

The man, Antono Caluori, lived in an apartment in a suburb of Seattle. He was arrested for making threats against the president and for assault on an officer. Though the nature of the assault has not been disclosed, the AP story recounts that a Secret Service agent believed Calouri was leveling the shotgun against the officers just before he was taken down. No injuries were reported.

The apartment complex where Caluori lived was evacuated while a bomb squad swept the man's apartment for explosives, though none were found.

The AP quotes Calouri's mother, who also lived in the apartment, as saying the man went to college and was in the military. Calouri is scheduled to appear in federal court at 2 p.m. this afternoon.

President Obama has been campaigning in Ohio this week, and therefore was not in any immediate danger from Calouri. Still, it appears that the Secret Service found Calouri's threats to be credible enough to at least warrant a visit to his apartment.

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