Obama Girl Songwriter Goes Anti-SOPA

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Remember the "Crush on Obama" song? Sure, it made the hottie who starred in the video a popular item, but only because of her attractiveness. The creator of the song that catapulted "Obama Girl" to fame, Leah Kauffman, is back again with "Firewall," and this time, she's not concerned about Presidential election themes.

No, this time, Kauffman's aim is against SOPA, much like every other user-generated content creator who uses the Internet as conduit for their creativity. As pointed out by Boing Boing, in this particular performance, Kauffman isn't relying on eye candy to convey her message, instead, she's letting her lyrics do the talking, while performing the song herself. While she may not be on the same eye candy level as the Obama Girl lip-synching cupcake, she's certainly easy enough on the eyes to make her visual-medium message an enjoyable one.

Plus, the song is awfully catchy, too:

Kauffman was kind enough to transcribe the lyrics on the video's YouTube page, and even though she's singing with an innocent, poppy style, the message is not lost:

From the first time I signed onto AOL
I'd fall underneath your dial-up spell
You do something to me, want to be with you always

I hoped that we would never see the day
SOPA would try to change you, or take you away
All the things you've shown me, you make me feel complete

Tumblr, Facebook, Vimeo, and Twitter
Youtube LolCatz, Ebay, and Flickr

Don't put up a firewall when we could have it all
Say no to protect IP
You won't stop piracy
Don't put up a firewall
Don't take away my Tumblr

You know I want to stop infringing sites
But Congress please don't make me give up my rights
to friend reblog and follow
upload tweet and post

All this in the name of property
at the expense of the tech community
you're threatening our cybersecurity
and free speech

Zynga, Mozilla, Google, and Yahoo!
The coders, the bloggers, the start-ups
all get screwed

Don't put up a firewall when we could have it all
Say no to protect IP
You won't stop piracy
What is this China?

Don't treat me like a rogue site it hurts
Don't erase me from your search
someone could spend more time in jail than conrad murray
for illegally downloading a michael jackson song!

Much like Dan Bull's impressive rap, the message is in lyrics and if you're worried about a lack of Obama Girl in this video, you're missing the point.

On a final note, wouldn't be awesome if both Kauffman and Bull bum rushed the next set of hearings, singing their anti-SOPA anthems, just so the supporters can get a better idea of where the public stands on this matter, as if that has any bearing.

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