Obama's Google+ Flooded With Chinese Comments

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President Obama has a Google Plus page for his re-election. Recently, people in China found they were suddenly able to acces the page. From there things went quite nuts.

Postings have flooded the page in what some people are calling the "Occupy Obaba" movement by the Chinese. Rather than some form of protest against Obama, as the name would suggest, most of these postings are messages imploring the American president to help the people of China in their state of oppression.

A few examples -with translations:

中国政府不代表中国人! - The Chinese government does not represent the Chinese people.

求绿卡 - Seeking a green card.

尊敬的奥巴马总统,抱歉在您的信息下发表不相关的评论。处于对贵国一贯尊重人权的赞同和信任,固在此留言希望贵国政府能够在国际社会中呼吁归还盲人律师陈光诚的自由 .谢谢! - Dear President Obama,I'm sorry to write some irrelevant comments under your post. Due to my appreciation and trust to your country's consistent respect to human right, I left this message, to implore the government of your country to call for the freedom of the blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng in international community , thank you!

總統先生:懇請你消滅中共,解放中國人 - Mr. President: the urge you get rid of the CCP, the liberation of the Chinese people.

我擦盯着回复就屁啊屁啊的蹦 - I rub staring reply on fart fart ah jump. [Literal translation.]

And one in Russian:

судя по количеству присутствующих здесь китайских товарищей -судьбу выборов в Америке будет решать великий Китай - Judging by the number of Chinese comrades present here, outcome of the U.S. elections will solve the great China.

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