Obama Explains Lipstick On Collar, Sends Crowd Into Fits Of Laughter


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President Obama appeared at an event Tuesday night for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. At the event, it was seen that Obama had lipstick on his collar. You would maybe think it was a good luck charm from the First Lady, but the president said its origins lie elsewhere.

During his speech, Obama pointed to the lipstick on his collar and blamed it on Jessica Sanchez. He quickly corrected himself to say it was the aunt of Sanchez. He said he was calling her out in public so as not to get into trouble with the First Lady. The short bit elicited laughs from the crowd. Here's the full video:

Regardless of what you think of the man, he definitely knows how to work a crowd. He's also incredibly calm and collected when dealing with hecklers.

[h/t: MSN]