Obama Asks for No 'House of Cards' Spoilers

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Unless you plan on beginning your House of Cards binge while at work today, it's probably best you stay off Twitter. You might want to be careful on Facebook, too–depending on how much you trust your friends. Today, and the days to come, could be a spoiler minefield.

As you may know, Netflix dropped the entire second season of the Kevin Spacey-led political drama House of Cards today. It's all there–ready for you to stream, in its entirety. It's just sitting there. It wants to watch it. It needs you to watch it. Sorry y'all, I'm just really excited.

You know who else appears to be pretty excited about the new season? The President.

Ok, it's probably not really Obama asking for no spoilers. We all know that Obama doesn't send out all of his own tweets (except for the ones marked -BO). But the White House just gave Netflix a huge endorsement, or advertisement, or whatever you want to call it. That tweet currently has over 31,000 retweets.

I guess the President will have to take the same advice as the rest of us...

Or, you can trust Netflix's "Spoiler Foiler" app.

Image via House of Cards, Facebook

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