O.J. Simpson Granted Parole, But He's Not Getting Off That Easy

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O.J. Simpson will be granted parole, according to a Nevada parole board, but he still has some time to do.

Simpson put in a request for parole earlier this month, saying he doesn't feel his sentence is a fair punishment for the crime. He was convicted in 2008 of armed robbery and kidnapping after he and some friends broke into a Vegas casino to steal several items of sports memorabilia which he says rightfully belong to him.

“The difference between all of their crimes and mine is that they were trying to steal other people’s property, they were trying to steal other people’s money,” Simpson said. “My crime was trying to retrieve, for my family, my own property. I missed my two younger kids who worked hard getting through high school, I missed their college graduations. I missed my sister’s funeral. I missed all the birthdays.”

The former football star will still have to do four more years due to his multiple convictions, which include assault with a deadly weapon. But considering he was looking at 33 years, it's a pretty good deal. Simpson says he's been a model inmate, working in the gym and acting as a mentor to other inmates while he does his time.

Simpson's attorneys, Patricia Palm and Ozzie Fumo, want to be granted a new trial after they say the trial attorney, Yale Galanter, had a conflict of interest in the case and ruined Simpson's chance at decent representation. Judge Linda Marie Bell must now decide whether or not Simpson deserves a new trial.

Amanda Crum
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