NYU Commits To Google Apps


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Early last month, we talked about "most or all" of the students in New York being put in touch with Google as the state of New York became a Google Apps partner.  Now that's even more the case, as New York University has also signed on.

Obviously, the two developments won't take place on the same scale, considering that around 3.1 million students and a few hundred thousand teachers are supposed to be affected by the public school system deployment.

Still, a post on the Official Google Blog noted today, "This move to Google Apps will provide more than 60,000 students, staff and faculty at NYU with Google tools like Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Sites and will bring all 18 schools of NYU - including medical, dental and law schools - together on one uniform system."

What's more, the NYU overhaul isn't just a matter of branding, since "[t]his project is estimated to save the University around $400,000 annually by eliminating the need to purchase, upgrade, and maintain in-house mail servers and software licenses."

GoogleAnd NYU students seem quite happy about the change, which is another big point in Google's favor.

At this rate, it would be far from surprising if other universities decided to follow suit as a result of NYU's move.