Nvidia Set To Launch GeForce GTX 660Ti In August

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Nvidia has been on fire lately. They have successfully launched the latest line of graphics cards in their 600 series and have continuously reduced the price of these cards through incremental downgrades that don't seem to affect the performance whatsoever. Case in point: the 670 and 680 have negligible differences in power yet there's a $100 price difference. The latest card looks to continue that trend.

Nvidia's latest card to hit based on the GK104 architecture will be the GeForce GTX 660Ti. WCCFTech says that it will be last card released to be based on the current architecture as Nvidia will probably start work on the 700 series. For now, we can bask in the glory of the full line of 600 series video cards from the beast that is the 690 to the mid-tier 660Ti that is still more powerful than the GTX 580.

What are you going to get in the GTX 660Ti? It would be that it's similar to the 670 in that it contains 1334 cores, but it's memory would be limited to only 1.5GB. It will also be clocked a bit lower resulting in an eight to 10 percent drop in performance from the 670. That's a small price to pay for its $100 price difference as the card will launch at a very affordable $299.

WCCFTech says that Nvidia has already dropped the price of the GTX 570 to reduce stock so now's your chance to grab a great 500 series for a cheap price as well. If you want to upgrade to the 600 series, like me, you'll be able to get your hands on the 660Ti in August. With the amount of quality PC games hitting the market this year like Assassin's Creed III and Darksiders II, it would be smart to upgrade to at least the 500 series if you've been holding out for the past few years.

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