Nvidia Introduces Tegra Note 7 With LTE

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Nvidia, a company known more for its PC gaming GPUs than anything else, has had its sight set on the mobile market for some time now. Last year, it launched both the Shield handheld gaming console and the Tegra Note 7 tablet. Now you'll soon be able to take the latter to places where WiFi is in short supply.

Nvidia announced this morning that the Tegra Note 7 will be getting LTE and HSPA+ capability thanks to the company's i500 LTE modem. The new modem plays friendly with a variety of carriers around the world so you shouldn't have any trouble getting it set up on your carrier of choice.

If you're just joining us, the Tegra Note 7 is Nvidia's entry into the overcrowded seven-inch tablet market. It sets itself apart, however, by being powered by Nvidia's powerful Tegra 4 processor. It sports a 1280x800 display, a rear 5Mp camera, 16GB of onboard storage, front facing speakers, Android 4.4.2 and a micro HDMI port. It can also pair with a Bluetooth controller for some serious gaming as it can stream PC games from an Nvidia GPU.

In the U.S., the Tegra Note 7 LTE will be distribute by long time Nvidia partner EVGA. The original WiFi model still costs $199 while the new LTE model will go for $299. You can expect to see the LTE model hit retail in the second quarter of this year in the following regions: North America, UK, Western Europe, Ukraine, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil and China.

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