NSA And Edward Snowden Get The NMA Treatment

IT Management

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NMA is rarely ever a serious outlet. The Taiwanese animation outlet prefers to spoof the news, but sometimes it can at least be kind of serious. This is one of those times.

This morning, NMA decided to tackle the NSA spy programs that were revealed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. To help better explain the issue, the animation studio turns to Star Wars:

In this case, NMA is right to criticize the media for focusing solely on Snowden when the NSA should be the ones raked over the coals. Unfortunately, neither the public or Congress seem interested in getting any real answers. Tech companies are fighting for those answers, but are lamenting that the government won't let them provide even more information.

Even as the mainstream media moves the national discussion more to Snowden's character, others will continue to hound the NSA for answers. It may not lead to much, but it's something. Who knows - maybe the Internet can band together to demand more transparency.