Now, You Can Embed Quotes From Quora On Your Site

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You can now embed quotes from Quora on your site, with a new feature from the Q&A destination appropriately called Embeddable Quotes.

"Sites all around the web already quote content from Quora which extends the distribution and impact writers on Quora have," says Hongping Lim. "However, quoting and republishing Quora content requires work and many publishers have asked us for a way to do this more easily. Now Embedded Quotes provides webmasters and publishers with a snippet of code to easily display a nicely formatted quote of Quora's content."

Embed Quora quotes

As a writer on the web, I can certainly say that such a feature can be quite helpful and enriching to a story, provided the content is interesting. That's why Twitter finally launched embeddable tweets. That's why iEntry (WPN's parent company) created Social Ditto, for such functionality for tweets and Facebook and Google+ posts.

When it comes to Internet companies, there is often compelling content to be found on Quora. We've certainly quoted from it plenty of times in the past.

A nice added bonus of the embedded quotes feature is that when a post is updated, there is a link to the most recent version, so you'll never have completely outdated content on your site. It will at least point readers to the current version.

For those commenting on Quora, it shows trackbacks for when your quotes have been embedded.

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