Norton Launches Cybercrime Index

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Norton has introduced a cybercrime index, which tracks and warns computer users of daily threats.

The Norton Cybercrime Index alerts people to online risks, including the day's most dangerous websites, the most hijacked search terms by cybercriminals, as well as scams identity theft and spam.



The Norton Cybercrime Index answers the question, "What's your online risk today?," showing you the day's risk rating and putting it in the context of highs and lows, like a stock index. The Norton Cybercrime Index can be viewed online, via a mobile-optimized site, or downloaded onto a PC.

“Most of us go online daily to work, play, and socialize, and yet it's one of the most dangerous activities we engage in, because there are so many threats lurking online," said Adam Palmer, Norton Lead Cyber Security Advisor.

"Norton fights cybercrime in a number of ways, including through education. Our goal is to have people add the Norton Cybercrime Index to their daily routine to get a clear understanding of the dangers that are threatening them online, and to take preventative action to avoid falling victim."


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