North Dakota Creates Campaign to Attract Workers

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When one conjures up images and words associated with North Dakota, the list is bleak and barren, filled with words such as cold, boring, droll, and cold. Also heard is the ever-present statement made in association with North Dakota: "I forgot North Dakota was even a state."

Yesterday, the North Dakota Economic Development Foundation unveiled a campaign it hopes will change those words one associates with the state.

The “Find the Good Life in North Dakota” campaign hopes to lure prospective employees to the state.

As it currently stands, North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation at less than three percent. Despite that fact, the results from a Gallup poll released last month show that North Dakota has the highest job creation index in the United States at 40 (compared to the national average of 20 in 2013).

North Dakota's economy is booming thanks to increased production from its oil fields. In 2006, North Dakota ranked sixth in the nation for oil production. In 2014, the state ranks second, trailing only Texas.

As a result of this drastic increase in oil business, North Dakota had 20,205 state job vacancies posted online in the month of February. By 2020, this figure is set to explode to 76,000 jobs.

“We have been working hard to grow our economy and create jobs, and those efforts have paid off in big ways as North Dakota leads the nation in economic and job growth. To sustain that growth, we need to ensure that the jobs we are creating are filled with highly-skilled workers, and this campaign is a tremendous opportunity to expand our workforce and promote the quality of life that North Dakota has to offer,” stated Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley.

However, the state will have to do a lot more to sustain that growth than simply filling jobs with qualified workers. While many have capitalized on the economic opportunities present in North Dakota and are making north of six-figures, the state is now plagued with other issues, mainly that of a housing shortage.

The housing shortage is so severe that Williston, ND, located in the center of the economic growth, currently ranks as the most expensive city in the United States in which to rent a property.

On top of that staggering fact, crime rates have increased, traffic jams present more of an issue everyday, and retailers and restaurants are struggling to keep up with the extra demand.

“We’re a state with great schools, friendly people, supportive and safe communities, arts and entertainment, tremendous outdoor recreation and, of course, great job opportunities,” stated Wally Goulet, chair of the North Dakota Economic Development Foundation.

If all of those aspects appeal to you, and you can handle the harsh winters and living out of your car, then North Dakota is the home for you.

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