Norman Reedus Is Set To Star In Upcoming Sci-Fi Thriller

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Well, he has certainly won over audiences for his small-screen role on The Walking Dead, and after this wildly popular role on the AMC drama, Norman Reedus has earned himself a starring role in an upcoming film.

Norman Reedus will be working with Robert Kirkman again, who will be producing the film. Kirkman is a writer on The Walking Dead, and has also worked on video game adaptations of the show.

It will be a collaborative effort with a handful of people who have already worked together on The Walking Dead, with David Alpert as one of the other producers, who is also an executive producer on the hit show.

Other producers on the film include Brian Kavanuagh-Jones and Chris Ferguson. The film will also feature a directorial debut from Chris Pasetto, who co-wrote the script with Christian Cantamessa.

Reedus' upcoming film is a sci-fi thriller, and is called Air. It will star both Norman Reedus and Djimon Honsou, who has been absent from the spotlight for the past few years. The story is set in an underground cryogenic facility after a nuclear fallout makes the atmosphere intolerable, and people are unable to breathe.

The two main characters of the film are tasked with taking care of the infected sleeping personnel, the ones who are in charge of re-establishing society, but they struggle to preserve their own sanity, and lives, while maintaining the extremely fragile environment of the last livable place on earth.

Before becoming a fan favorite on the AMC drama The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus had appeared in a handful of films, and notable credits include The Boondock Saints, American Gangster and Blade II. Honsou, a two-time Oscar-nominated actor, is also set to appear in both Guardians Of The Galaxy and Fast And The Furious 7.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights, and continues to be a big attraction for many fans, as everyone gets excited about seeing Norman Reedus in the role of Daryl Dixon. Air will mark his biggest break since appearing on the hit drama, and in addition to his starring role, he will also be in the role of the executive producer, along with Bailey Conway and Noah Rosen.

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