Nokia Lumia 920 Hits AT&T For $99 On Friday

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The Nokia Lumia 920 is the face of Windows Phone 8 going into the holiday season. If the new phones do well, AT&T will have a winner since the Lumia 920 is exclusive to the carrier. Of course, we never had a solid release date beyond sometime in November. Now AT&T has revealed its plans for the Nokia Lumia 920 launch.

AT&T announced that the Nokia Lumia 920 will be available on Friday, November 9 for $99 with two-year contract. To sweeten the deal, AT&T is throwing in a free wireless charging plate with all purchases of the Lumia 920. There is no word yet on how much a contract-free Lumia 920 will cost.

The Lumia 920's little brother, the Lumia 820, will also be available on November 9. The 820 doesn't feature the same high-specs as the 920, but the phone is much cheaper in exchange for just being a mid-range device. The device will retail for $49 with two-year contract. Once again, there's no word on the contract-free pricing.

Pre-orders for both the Lumia 920 and 820 will begin on November 7.

“Our Windows Phone portfolio features the best designs for the fantastic experience of Windows Phone 8," said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices and Developer Services, AT&T Mobility. "Combine that with very exciting prices and our customers have lots of good reasons to choose Windows Phone this holiday season."

Steve Ballmer's Windows Phone of choice, HTC's Windows Phone 8X, will be made available at some point before Thanksgiving. The Windows Phone 8X, unlike the Lumia series, comes in two flavors. The 16GB 8X will retail for $199 with two-year contract while the 8GB will retail for $99 with two-year contract.

AT&T also announced that Samsung's ATIV tablet/PC hybrid will be available on November 9 as well. The carrier proudly boasted that it's the only carrier to offer Windows 8 tablets this holiday season. Samsung's Windows 8 tablet will retail for $800.

AT&T may just be the first Windows Phone 8 carrier out of the gate. At Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 event, the company said that Verizon would be launching its line of Windows Phones by Thanksgiving. T-Mobile will be launching it's first phone, HTC's Windows Phone 8X, on November 14.