Nokia Lumia 1020 Gets RAW Photo Support

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The 41-megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 recently received the Lumia Black software update, which allows for shooting pictures in the relatively compression- and processing-free RAW Digital Negative Format (DNG), as well as other small functionality modifications.

Aside from the RAW upgrade to compliment the 1020's PureView camera sensor sitting behind a Zeiss lens, Nokia users can now lock the screen rotation, close apps more easily in the app switcher and use custom ringtones for messaging and mail. Users can also update to Nokia Camera, which combines Nokia Smart Camera and Nokia Pro Camera, as well as obtain the latest version of Nokia Glance Screen, which allows for quick status notifications regarding calendar and messaging events on the lock screen.

One can take the ultimate duck-faced selfies with the Lumia 1020:

Other Lumia Black enhancements include a Bluetooth 4.0 LE upgrade, which preserves battery life while staying connected via Bluetooth, as well as improved battery monitoring and other stability and usability modifications.

Videography enthusiasts might appreciate the Lumia 1020's manual focus, shutter speed, ISO and white balance adjustment capabilities:

Nokia, an official Windows Phone partner has also revealed that DNG support is coming for more Lumia devices, as the Lumia Black update rolls out.

Here's a clip of National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez, as he takes the Lumia 1020 for a test run in the Grand Canyon:

Alvarez states, "I've used a lot of smartphones, but the Nokia Lumia 1020 is extraordinary. There's never been anything like it. Until now, I could only get images like this using a professional DSLR camera."

Image via Nokia.