"No More Woof" Allows Dog Communication


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Do you ever wish your dog knew how to talk? Wouldn't a simple, "let me out I have to pee," be so much easier to understand than a few loud barks?

Well it turns out this crazy notion might not be that far-fetched.

You can thank the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery for their canine-minded invention “No More Woof.” The special technology aims to distinguish doggie thought patterns and then issue the pup's thoughts a short sentences through a microphone.

Pretty cool, huh?

“The brainwaves differ quite a lot from different races as well as individual dogs,” NSID writes on their site. “However it is possible to detect some common patterns and we have no doubt that in the future this technology will open up a vast new era of communication between dogs and humans, or animals in general and humans.”

The operating system relies on sensors in the headset which detect electric signals in the dog's brainwaves.

The inventors even have a variety of voices you can pick that are best suited for your own pup. At the moment, the device only speaks in English. Mandarin, French and Spanish versions are coming soon.

The headsets are available for pre-purchase on indiegogo as part of the research funding campaign, with three different versions that range in functionality and price, from $65 for the micro to $300 for the standard version or $1,200 for the Superior customizable mini-speaker, complete with engraved dog tag.

While the invention is still a work-in-progress, all of us dog lovers are pretty excited for the "No More Woof."

Image Via YouTube