No Filter? Site Catches Instagram's Biggest Liars

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If you want to let everyone know you're such a good iPhone photographer that you don't need to use one of Instagram's complimentary filters to make your photos pop, the most succinct way to do so is with a #nofilter tag.

But here's the thing...people are liars. Huge liars. Thankfully, there's a Tumblr that helps you spot all the #nofilter bullshit on Instagram.

It's called Filter Fakers, and it provides a running stream of #nofilter liars. Here, take a look at this fraud, who tagged #nofilter but actually used the Kelvin filter.

Liar. Gosling knows you're lying.

"Go nuts with the Instagram filters, but at least be honest about it," says the site. "#Nofilter is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Using it is a way of telling people that you haven’t used any of Instagram’s built in filters to enhance the photo. But with over 40 million photos uploaded on Instagram daily, there are obviously quite a few cheaters out there. People that want you to think their photos just turned out that great, completely without the help of any filters. And you had to believe them–until now."

Consider this a PSA, as the Tumblr has been around for a little while. I recently got sick and tired of someone's Instagram bullshit and decided to check it out for myself. Which leads me to the best part of Filter Fakers...

The Faker Catcher, which allows you to insert the URL of any photo on Instagram tagged #nofilter and it will let you know if the poster is trying to pull one over on you. It's a great way to call out your friends. Or lose an Instagram follower.

There's nothing wrong with putting filters on your Instagram photos. Hell, it's kind of what the whole app is designed for. But for the love of Lo-fi, stop lying about it.

Image via Filter Fakers, h/t Business Insider

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