No Charges Filed in Dallas Latos Assault

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After the wife of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mat Latos filed a police report when she was assaulted by fans at the National League wild-card game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, authorities say that no charges will be filed.

Pittsburgh police Sgt. John Fisher, who lead the 18-officer squad present at the stadium during the time of the incident, called the case "much ado about nothing," regardless of the fact that Dallas Latos claims she had her hair pulled and was repeatedly punched. Fisher added, "what made it big was it involved a pitcher's wife and it all went on Twitter,"

Fisher noted that stadium security called police to quell an argument, involving 20 to 30 Cincinnati and Pirates fans at the Budweiser Bowtie Bar inside the ballpark, during the Pirates' 6-2 win Tuesday night. The officers at the scene didn't witness Dallas Latos being attacked, but interviewed her after the melee when a stadium security worker told officers of her claims. Latos didn't have visible injuries and refused medical treatment when she was interviewed by police, Fisher added.

Here's what Latos tweeted Tuesday:

The tweeting continued, and Latos began to receive some backlash. Some said she was complaining, others said she's a sore loser. One should just imagine the genteel, refined content included in some of these backlash-tweets.

As the smoke cleared a bit, Latos tweeted Wednesday - "The fact that our society condemns victims is disgusting. I have nothing to gain from telling my story besides a bunch of hate so save it."

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